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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

My Favorite, Celtic Woman.

Chloe Agnew, Talented, Beautiful, and Extremely outgoing! Is an amazing performer, and Vocalist, She is My Particular Favorite in the Bevy of Celtic Woman, Now we all know Chloe to be the Daughter of The Amazing Adele King, Whose Music is Hitting Top Charts in my View! She  Has One Younger sister, Naomi Agnew (Born in 1993) A true Beauty if you ask me! Chloe herself was Born in Knocklyon, County Dublin, Ireland. June 9th 1989, I have always wanted to live in Ireland......  Chloe's name was always really Pretty to me, and the Spelling is very Unique I believe it's Irish, Correct me if I'm Wrong! Her Full name However is Defiantly A Favorite of mine, Chloe Alexandra Adele Emily Agnew Yea, your all Jealous. Chloe Attends Alexandra College Girls School in Dublin, Resides in Knocklyon, Co. Dublin, Ireland, a suburb of Dublin. Has been a Pantomime for many years, Chloe's Talents don't end at her singing, she also Studies Piano, Guitar, and Recorder, all that and she's a talented and Very Gifted Singer. Miss Agnew made her Television debut performance at 4 weeks of age and first sang on television at 6 years! If being Irish Didn't make her lucky, I don't know what did, Daughter of David Agnew, (I like his songs) . He's also a well known Oboist as if just being Chloe wasn't enough! So I am proud to say that Chloe, and The Rest of the Celtic woman Lot are Going to be Appearing on QVC for a special Performance for you guys, and They will be selling the new Album "BELIEVE"  I am all anticipation! Tune in on the 17th of march! QVC is doing a St. Patrick's Day special throughout the whole day, starting at 10:00 am EST. Hope you Guys have an Irish Blessing for everyday, and may your celtic Dreams come Home to stay.


  1. I'm an Official Chlover! She's also my favorite, I love her saprano voice , and her long golden locks!

  2. I know! she's amazing! And by the way, I'm a Chlover as well!