Backstage Access

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Celtic Woman

The Dresses!

Okay so here are all the ladies and their wonderful dresses! adore adore adore! especially Lisa's


This is Mairead's dress from the show I went to see, it was so beautiful! I love the shape and the color!

Celtic Woman Live Review!

 Hello everyone! so as you know I have recently been fortunate enough to go and see Celtic Woman Live!
it was absolutely amazing! It was so surreal, they were actually there, I have only ever seen them on TV! They were perfectly gorgeous, and so pretty! four of the prettiest woman I have ever seen to be quite honest. The sound system and the lighting were perfect and fit the colors of each of the ladies dresses. The dresses worn in this show weren't the official BELIEVE dresses, you know the pink, lilac, magenta and purple. But more subtle in the beginning , different shades of grey, they were quite beautiful. Mairead's dresses were very bright and poppy! I adored them! Lisa, Chloe and Susan's were bright as well, very colorful selection of dresses which was nice. And of course their voices were just fabulous! so, so good! I can't even begin to express the feeling I had when they came on for the first song! I wanted to jump off the stage and tackle them....well you know what I mean. All and all the show was brilliant! and fantastic! I would  highly recommend going! but if live shows aren't your thing, than the TV specials should be on soon! The particular show I went to was being recorded for Television, so they had the whole camera crew and set there, which was also a cool experience, and that was about the size of it. I hope you are all having a Celtic filled day where ever you are! until next time Slainte!


Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Celtic Woman Live!

The day has finally arrived.....I am going to see Celtic Woman  Live for the first time ever! I cannot tell you how excited I am! I had received the tickets a while back and the suspense was killing me. I can only say that I am very thankful I am able to have this experience, So when I get back, I thought (since pictures aren't allowed) I might do a little review on The Concert as a whole! so I hope you guys are having a Celtic Day and I will see you soon!