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Celtic Woman, the sound is music to my ears, You will not Find a more Enchanting, Talented, or Devoted Group than that of Celtic Woman, Alone or United there Voices will Stick with you forever.
David Downes - Musical Director, Conductor, Composer, And Arranger - is an Irish Talent to say the Least. David who was Musical Director for the Amazing, Riverdance , Called upon the Forces of the Irish Film Orchestra, and a host of exciting Irish musicians including Robbie Casserly and Ray Fean to create what is a truly Breathtaking and Inspirational show. Sharon Browne and David Downes Brought these Lovely ladies together and, with a Dream to take them to the world stage, Created the One and only Celtic Woman.

Since the Birth of Irish Civilization some Ten thousand years ago, a Very Traditional Type of Music has Crossed  our path into the Lovely Hills of Dublin, and the Truly Captivating Valleys and Lakes, We are only to Eager to hear this poetry of song, this Radiance that allows us to breath in the Irish way, and nowhere is this more than in Celtic Woman.
    From this Irish Heritage, a Coming together of the Talents of Sharon Browne, Dave Kavanagh, Davied Downes, and these stunning artist over the Past two years of Planning along with a crew of over 250 people,has this Wonderful Irish legend appeared that is Celtic woman, a dramatic music show, CD, and DVD quire unlike any other.