Backstage Access

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Celtic Woman at QVC once more!

Celtic Woman at QVC for a lovely performance that  I just Happened to witness! Chloe presented us with a  Christmas song from their new album Home For Christmas! and Lisa did one as well, along with Mairead of Course playing the Fiddle! Hope you Gals have a lovely Christmas Season! Irish Wishes and Kisses! Bye!

Christmas is almost here!

Christmas is almost here my darlings! and I am a few clicks
away from purchasing the new Celtic Woman CD Home for Christmas! it is super exciting! I hope you gals haven't been missing my posting too much, it's been a while to be sure, but I have had a really busy Holiday season...and it's still going on! But I promise I will try to post a little more often! And the "About" section is still in a working progress, I really want it to be original and all my own, so it may take a while. Wishes and Irish Kisses blown your way Ladies! Love!