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Saturday, June 30, 2012

NOH8 Chloe Agnew

Hey Celticas! I am sure you noticed the Beautiful Chloe Agnew up ontop, supporting NOH8 Campaign! with her Adorable Sister Naomi you can Check out more about this Campaign on their Website Here And be sure to take a look at the new Photos in the Photo Gallery! post you all soon!


Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Disney Pixar's BRAVE

 Hello Everyone! I am So Happy and Excited to say that I went to see the New Disney Pixar Original Motion Picture BRAVE! It was Released on June 22d of 2012 I am Glad to say it was Absolutely Amazing!
It is by far my favorite Disney Movie EVER and Merida is Defiantly my new Disney Princess Favorite, The Movie had such Character, in my Opinion very Witty and Colorful with the Choice of amazing Musical Score all thanks to the Wonderfully Accomplished Patrick Doyle! who is one of my Favorites when it comes to Musical Score, And the Voices they had for the Characters were so Delightful! Kelly McDonald is Amazing in anything she does! Billy Connolly is such a Good Actor and in this his Voice Defiantly Rings very true to his Character! and Emma Thompson is so well thought of anywhere she Goes! I Adore her! BRAVE was a Beautiful Experience to see, it had Everything that you would think of seeing, and More! I hope you Guys enjoyed it as much as I did, it was to say the Least a Movie Worth seeing a Hundred times over and One more.


Friday, June 15, 2012

Lisa's Day Off

Check out the new pictures of Lisa Lambe in the Photo Gallery! A little bit of Amsterdam and Shopping can Make someone feel Posh, so so Posh, thanks for the Pics Lisa!!           

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Happy Birthday Chloe Agnew!

Dear Chloe, you have an Amazing Talent and a wonderful Voice, truly the best I have ever heard, you are absolutely Beautiful, Celtic Woman is my Favorite Singing Group I have ever Heard, I can't wait until I can see you perform live! I have watched all of your Shows! and I am In Love with your Accent! I have always been really interested in Irish History and To be specific, The Celts and the French are really interesting to me, I Adore your Music and Hope you sing until you can't sing anymore! Wishes and Kisses! On the Happiest of Days!

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Sing - Gary Barlow new Music Video!

This is such a beautiful song, Gary Barlow has Outdone himself! along with the Amazing  Andrew Lloyd Webber! and the Rest of the Entire Crew on set have been totally outstanding! big, great, excitement!
it had such passion and Feeling that you will cry when you listen to it! I almost did, but anyway, I hope you guys like it! it's truly an amazing song and it's directed so wonderfully, and it really Charms your Soul! Post you guys soon!

Friday, June 1, 2012

Hayley Westenra Goddess of Song

   Hey everyone! super exciting news! Hayley Westenra is  Appearing on Gary Barlow's  "Sing" Ablum  it has already been  released! and you can order it on itunes! along with Hayley's Newest  Album "PARADISO" I am a huge fan of Hayley ever since I saw her  Preform with Celtic Woman! and am a big fan of her Music! I hope you  Guys have a great day, and Don't forget to take a look at the New photos!   Post to you soon!