Backstage Access

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Lisa Lambe Time!

Lisa is Not Only Amazingly Beautiful, but has (We have to admit) a Great sense of Style! you Go Lisa!

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Chloe being, Chloe

Well it looks as though Chloe is in her Rightful Place, as Queen.

Friday, March 23, 2012

New Pic of Chloe!

We all love Chloe, But we Adore her Since of Fashion!

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Enya Singing Sensation!

Hello! I was Thinking About Other New Age/Classical Artist that I really Enjoy and I stumbled upon Enya, She is My Favorite Singer/Song writer Besides Celtic Woman, Defiantly a Close First, But I really wanted to Tell you Guys about her Singing, and Her CDs. Well I have almost all of her CDs and I Watch her Videos Constantly, I am a little Mad, To say the Least, I really Adore Enya's Style in her Songs, the Music is Simply Breathtaking, and the Voice that comes out of her is so Angelic, I feel like I am Listening to an Elf. Well Speaking of Elves, Enya did perform the Single "May it Be" for the Amazing Movie, The Lord of the Rings, and Has many more Albums! My personal Favorite is A Day Without Rain, Followed up by Paint the Sky With Stars. I really Hope you Guys Check her out she is Completely Unique and Extremely Relaxing to listen to ( Seriously, if you're Stressed just Pop in one of her CDs and you are set for life) Anyways, I'll Post the Link to her Official Website Here Thanks For Listening! Bye!

Celtic Woman Shop!

Celtic Woman Finally has a Shop! I am so Excited! They have T-shirts, Individual Solo CDs of all the Girls in Celtic Woman, Bags, and More! It's really cool, I hope they will be getting more as well. Post to you guys soon!
IrishxoxoYuna                     Here's the Link to The Official Celtic Woman Shop 

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

New Believe Photos!

New Photos are up in the Photo Gallery! Hope you Guys Enjoy! In my Opinion they are just beautiful! as usual!

Chloe being Beautiful as usual!

I felt that I should Showcase a little more of Chloe's Beauty.

Backstage Access: Get to know the Uilleann Pipes

A little Bit about The Irish Pipes! Enjoy!

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Celtic Woman Yuna now has an Official Twitter!

I am really Excited to Tell Everyone that Celtic Woman Yuna, Now has an Official Twitter Page! Where you can see new Updates, hear about new posts, See New Pictures of the Celtic Woman and Much more! I hope you guys Enjoy my Blog and Follow me on Twitter buy Clicking the "Follow CelticWoman@CelticWomanYuna" Button on the Side bar! So that's About it for now, I hope to post to you guys as soon as I can! I blow Irish Luck your way, I hope you catch some Everyday!

Monday, March 19, 2012

Celtic Woman Through the Years.

Hi everyone, I just wanted to say a Few Quick things about Celtic Woman throughout the Years, So everyone knows that Celtic Woman wasn't always the Lovely Lisa Lambe and Newest Member Susan Mcfadden, The Extremely Outgoing and Gorgeous Chloe Agnew, The super Mom Lisa Kelly, and Wonderfully Talented Mairead Nesbitt, So Sadly we have Moved on in every tour with a new Member, with                
just as much Beauty and Talent as the Last, But that doesn't mean we stop Missing the Old ones. I just wanted to ask you guys if your Favorite Celtic Woman has left, or Become a new Member? what ever it is Please Comment Below! I would Adore to know what you guys think! I will share my favorite Celtic Woman Members, First and Foremost, It's all the way Chloe Agnew, I did a Post on this a Few weeks back (just Search My Favorite Celtic Woman, at the Top of my Blog) But I really Had a Strong Like for The Wonderful Miss Hayley Westenra! I also did a post on her, there are Pics of her Paradiso Photoshoot in the Photo Gallery! feel free to take a look! I Like them both very much for their Voices and the Amount of Depth they give you, Chloe's is very High, Yet she Controls it with great Attention, Hayley's is Quite and Soft, But always 
Strong. Okay, So that was a little longer than I expected, But all the same Hope you guys Enjoyed My Opinions! Wish you all the Best of Irish Luck! Post to you Soon!

New Message from Celtic Woman!

Celtic Woman Thank all their Fans for the Amazing Support and Love you give them!

The Disney Pixar Movie "BRAVE"

Hello Everyone! I have come to Love, Over the Years and Really Ever Since I was a we Baby, The Irish Coulter and The History of the Celts, The Irish Language, their way of  Speech, their Clothing, Many other things as well, But Why am I telling you this? Because I really want to let you BRAVE Fans know that this is Probably the Most Exciting Movie of the year for me, It's Truly so Amazing! well when it comes out, and I finally see it, I am hoping it will be all I expected, So I put the Trailer right here for you guys to watch, and please Leave Comments on if you Liked it, or not, or Hate it! what ever your Opinion is! I want to know! Thanks for Reading This, and I hope you guys have  a lovely day! See you later!                                                                                                                          IrishxoxoYuna

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Celtic Woman With General Martin Dempsey

Recently The Ladies of Celtic Woman went to the Pentagon in Washington, to meet with General Martin Dempsey, Chairman of the Joint Chief of Staff. Celtic Woman Also Made a trip down to the Walter Reed Military Hospital, for a Little Performance! Such Terrific Gals! You can Check out the Rest of the Photos from the Visit in the Photo Gallery! Post you soon!

Celtic Woman at the Princess Toyotomi Primiere

Celtic Woman at the Primiere of Princess Toyotomi, I love the song from the Movie and Adore their Dresses! Hope you guys like the Pic! Post to you soon!

New Believe Album Soon too come!

Hey Guys! I just wanted to say a quick hello to everyone! And tell all of you that I have Finally Purchesed the New Album Believe from Celtic Woman! It is really exciting to me, and I can't wait to tell you guys how it was. For those of you who havn't purchesed this amazing album yet, you can buy it from itunes in my Music section, just click the link below the Album Picture and Enjoy!

Chloe and Susan's Thoughts on Ireland Site seeing.

Celtic Woman Members Chloe and Susan give their thoughts on The Best Restaurants and Shoppes to visit here in  their Home Town Ireland,  Check out the Fox news Interview Here! Enjoy!

Celtic Woman, still Regular Girls?

Yes, I know it's hard to Believe (no pun Intended) that The Singing Group Celtic Woman, Despite Being Hugely Famous and Successful! are just Regular Girls all Unique in there Own Way! Check out these Pics of the Girls Just Being, well, Girls!

New Photos! Again!

New Photos from Celtic Woman, at QVC if you missed their Performance you can Buy there CD special at the Link right Here Enjoy the New Pics!

Chloe's Kiss me I'm Irish T shirt!

Chloe Charms us with her Gorgeous Locks of Ashy Brown and Blonde, And works the Irish Clothing I must say Pretty Well! you can see these Photos in the Photo Gallery, and Follow Chloe on Twitter, And become a Chlover! as They call 'em.

Friday, March 16, 2012

Meet Mairead Nesbitt.

I hope you Guys enjoy this video, I am really Impressed with Mairead's Talents on the Fiddle and as always I am surely Intimidated, to Play Mine more Often.

Newest Celtic Woman!

I am So excited to announce the newest Member of Celtic Woman, Susan Mcfadden! She will be Joining The North American Tour with Chloe Mairead and Lisa Lambe!

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Celtic Woman- Empire State Building Visit.

Celtic Woman's Talents are Defiantly getting there share of Fame, as we say hello to them on there Visit to the Empire State Building, Where they Sang a song from the New Album  "BELIEVE" on the 86th Floor Observatory  on March 15th 2012. Check out Their Performance on Fox News right Here and their Interview Here. And Don't be shy to take a Gander at the Photo Gallery for the Rest of the Shots! Enjoy!

"Green Grow The Rushes" Celtic Woman & PS22 Chorus

This is just one of Celtic Woman's Trips to PS22 Chorus , Singing you Some classics that all of you will Enjoy! Please Visit my Videos for the Rest of these wonderful Performances!

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Paradiso Photoshoot, Hayley Westenra.

Hayley Westenra's Lovely Feminine Looks Bring her Beauty in every one of her Photoshoots Yet! Her Elegant Blush Pink Dress is Accented by silver jewels, and a Gold Bangle. Her Makeup in this Look is Just Dark enough, but as always she Carries herself with Grace, therefore She can work Darker looks and still pull off the Light and Girly. I can't wait to buy her new Album Paradiso, and Tell you all how it was, Knowing Hayley she will give a Spectacular Performance! To view the Rest of Hayley's Photos, visit the Photo Gallery!

                                                                                                                  IrishxoxoYuna Enjoy!

St. Patrick's Day Competition!

Hello everyone! I am so Excited to Tell you all that I am entering the St. Patrick's Day competition! On the Official site of celtic woman, what is Required for this Competition is your name, and your own Limerick! Simple and Sweet! the way I love it! I will defiantly get back with you guys on the Winners, the Competition ends March 17th and The lucky ones will be Announced on March 21st Wish me Luck!

My Favorite, Celtic Woman.

Chloe Agnew, Talented, Beautiful, and Extremely outgoing! Is an amazing performer, and Vocalist, She is My Particular Favorite in the Bevy of Celtic Woman, Now we all know Chloe to be the Daughter of The Amazing Adele King, Whose Music is Hitting Top Charts in my View! She  Has One Younger sister, Naomi Agnew (Born in 1993) A true Beauty if you ask me! Chloe herself was Born in Knocklyon, County Dublin, Ireland. June 9th 1989, I have always wanted to live in Ireland......  Chloe's name was always really Pretty to me, and the Spelling is very Unique I believe it's Irish, Correct me if I'm Wrong! Her Full name However is Defiantly A Favorite of mine, Chloe Alexandra Adele Emily Agnew Yea, your all Jealous. Chloe Attends Alexandra College Girls School in Dublin, Resides in Knocklyon, Co. Dublin, Ireland, a suburb of Dublin. Has been a Pantomime for many years, Chloe's Talents don't end at her singing, she also Studies Piano, Guitar, and Recorder, all that and she's a talented and Very Gifted Singer. Miss Agnew made her Television debut performance at 4 weeks of age and first sang on television at 6 years! If being Irish Didn't make her lucky, I don't know what did, Daughter of David Agnew, (I like his songs) . He's also a well known Oboist as if just being Chloe wasn't enough! So I am proud to say that Chloe, and The Rest of the Celtic woman Lot are Going to be Appearing on QVC for a special Performance for you guys, and They will be selling the new Album "BELIEVE"  I am all anticipation! Tune in on the 17th of march! QVC is doing a St. Patrick's Day special throughout the whole day, starting at 10:00 am EST. Hope you Guys have an Irish Blessing for everyday, and may your celtic Dreams come Home to stay.

Happy St. Patrick's Day from PS 22 and Celtic Woman.

The Ladies of Celtic Woman took a bit of a Breather from their Believe Tour, to visit the Gifted and Truly Talented  Staten Island NY PS22 Chorus on March 12 2012.