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Monday, March 19, 2012

Celtic Woman Through the Years.

Hi everyone, I just wanted to say a Few Quick things about Celtic Woman throughout the Years, So everyone knows that Celtic Woman wasn't always the Lovely Lisa Lambe and Newest Member Susan Mcfadden, The Extremely Outgoing and Gorgeous Chloe Agnew, The super Mom Lisa Kelly, and Wonderfully Talented Mairead Nesbitt, So Sadly we have Moved on in every tour with a new Member, with                
just as much Beauty and Talent as the Last, But that doesn't mean we stop Missing the Old ones. I just wanted to ask you guys if your Favorite Celtic Woman has left, or Become a new Member? what ever it is Please Comment Below! I would Adore to know what you guys think! I will share my favorite Celtic Woman Members, First and Foremost, It's all the way Chloe Agnew, I did a Post on this a Few weeks back (just Search My Favorite Celtic Woman, at the Top of my Blog) But I really Had a Strong Like for The Wonderful Miss Hayley Westenra! I also did a post on her, there are Pics of her Paradiso Photoshoot in the Photo Gallery! feel free to take a look! I Like them both very much for their Voices and the Amount of Depth they give you, Chloe's is very High, Yet she Controls it with great Attention, Hayley's is Quite and Soft, But always 
Strong. Okay, So that was a little longer than I expected, But all the same Hope you guys Enjoyed My Opinions! Wish you all the Best of Irish Luck! Post to you Soon!

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