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Thursday, March 22, 2012

Enya Singing Sensation!

Hello! I was Thinking About Other New Age/Classical Artist that I really Enjoy and I stumbled upon Enya, She is My Favorite Singer/Song writer Besides Celtic Woman, Defiantly a Close First, But I really wanted to Tell you Guys about her Singing, and Her CDs. Well I have almost all of her CDs and I Watch her Videos Constantly, I am a little Mad, To say the Least, I really Adore Enya's Style in her Songs, the Music is Simply Breathtaking, and the Voice that comes out of her is so Angelic, I feel like I am Listening to an Elf. Well Speaking of Elves, Enya did perform the Single "May it Be" for the Amazing Movie, The Lord of the Rings, and Has many more Albums! My personal Favorite is A Day Without Rain, Followed up by Paint the Sky With Stars. I really Hope you Guys Check her out she is Completely Unique and Extremely Relaxing to listen to ( Seriously, if you're Stressed just Pop in one of her CDs and you are set for life) Anyways, I'll Post the Link to her Official Website Here Thanks For Listening! Bye!

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