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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

My Celtic Charms

Hi! just wanted to show you guys my Celtic Charms that I have had for a while, and are always a favorite of mine! So on the Left is a Celtic Knot that turns into the Celtic Sign for Friendship and Love, super adorable! I found it at a Fair in a Celtic Shoppe! so that's all very beautiful, and on the right, we have one of my most favorite designs, because of the way the Celtic Knots are formed into a circle, it just pleases the eye, and it has a Genuine Emerald, Totally real and Beautiful! it has not been Glossed, which Is what I prefer for my Emeralds, the Foggy look, So I bought this one from AVON, a while back and it's still holding up! love it! you love! we all love it! So I'll be a Posting you soon!

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