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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Celtic Charm Pictures and Review QVC


So this is the Review and Pictures for the Celtic Charm I received from QVC this morning! Now a Couple things that I did not expect were the size of the Charms, and the Difficulty of removing them from the Key Chain its self. But other than that I loved it! So at the Very top is the Box it was Delivered in, and it has Killarney Crystal Jewellery on the top, and it's a really pretty Box, I keep all my Celtic Jewelry in it now!
And the second picture is of my Favorite Charm in the Set, it's crystals are so beautiful! I love it! And then after that is another example of the same charm, then we come to the Box being Opened, it's really Lovely Inside, So in it we see the Trinity Charm with the Green Crystals, the Friendship Charm, and the Shamrock Charm. Below that is the Green Cross Charm, I quite like that one, Moving on we see the three Celtic Trinity knots linked together I think this one is equally as Pun intended... and then there is a Closer look at the Single Trinity and the Shamrock. So I hope everyone Enjoyed this little Review, kind of Thing. and I'll let you all know if I get anymore Irish jewelry or Clothing! Thanks for being my Irish Flowers!
Post you soon!


  1. They are so beautiful and unique. I bet QVC won't have anything like them again.

    1. I know! I really liked that about them!

    2. Who knows what awesome trinkets they'll have this year!